Sunday, December 4, 2011

What Color Are You Today?

Colored with Emotion!

I believe that color has the power to transform your mood or dispostion in an instant.  Unfortunately, many people underestimate or overlook how linked our emotions are with color.  (For more of my thoughts on color check out Color is Key or Color In Action!) 

My creative writing teacher recently challenged us to create a children's book.  I immediately knew I wanted to use coloful illustrations to attract readers, young and old alike.  The idea of writing a book about color related to emotions inspired me, so I got to work!  

I constructed the book by folding 5 peices of colored paper in half and sewing up the spine.  Magazine letters were used to create the cover art.  Inside I made colorful profiles from paint chips to show the expressive emotion of each person!  One was green with envy (sticking out it's tounge), another was a purple pinnochio, and yet another was red and in love!  The moral of the story was that it is natural to experience a variety of emotions, but the key is learning how to keep your emotions from controlling you!  

Stay colorful, be happy and keep creating! 
Margo Isadora

The Cover

Materials Needed: Scissors, Magazine Letters

Sew up the binding!

Paint Chip Art in process for the book!
I began the book with these words... 

Each morning
you wake up
with a new color inside.
Sometimes it shines
And sometimes it hides.

These are a few sample pages...

I concluded with these words...

It can change
every day
every hour
every minute.
And that’s okay.
It just depends how
You spin it.

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