Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Premiere of Ozwald Boateng's "A Man's Story"

Last Friday evening in the screening room of the trendy Crosby Street Hotel, in Soho, I was able to have a behind the scenes look at the premiere of "A Man's Story". This documentary chronicles the life and career of British menswear legend Ozwald Boateng.  This film explores Mr. Boateng's world of high fashion.  However, unlike many fashion films, "A Man's Story" portrays his life in a realistic way bringing up real issues of family and bankruptcy. As an aspiring fashion designer myself, it was very interesting to meet Mr. Boateng and hear more about his career and experience making the film.

Ozwald Boateng and I!
I had the pleasure of filming for reporter Jack Belisle, who is a very professional and experienced videographer ~ see his short films and work from the New York Film Festival on his YouTube Channel.

I hope Jack's video transports you to the premiere and gives you a better understanding of the talented, handsome, and inspiring designer, Ozwald Boateng.   

Margo Isadora

Jack Belisle Prepping for the Carpet
See the film in New York after November 2nd!

Friday, October 26, 2012

An Afternoon with Advanced Style!

Ari, Me, and two women in his book Carola Vecchio and Ilona Smithkin! 

Ari Cohen is not your average street style fashion photographer.  He is not out looking for the young trendy girls, instead he wanders New York searching for true personal style in the most fashionable and creative older ladies and gentlemen of the city. He believes that personal style advances with age, and he conveys this message through portraits and interviews of these incredible individuals on his blog Advanced Style.  

Ilona Smithkin
Check out those mile long lashes! 
Blind Contour Drawings I did this evening after meeting Ilona

As a longtime follower, it was an absolute treat to meet Ari and my favorite muse of his, Ilona Smithkin, today at Strand Bookstore in the West Village.  It was a small impromptu book signing, which was lovely as I got to chat with Ari and the attendees as well as hear Ilona's wonderful stories!   His blog is filled with unique individuals who I have always felt would be incredible to meet.  After meeting one, I now realize that the videos and pictures don't do justice to how inspiring these people really are. 

I met Tom, a wonderful artist and blogger at the event, see his post for more from the signing.

This video sums up what I love most about Advanced Style!

Ilona has had a whirlwind life, she spoke of her visits to Italy, her work as an artist, and even spoke in her native German with an attendee.  I asked her about her extravagant orange eyelashes, to which she responded that she had them made by a man in Paris for many years. When he passed away, she decided that she would try to make them herself!  After much patience, she has perfected them and has worn the same pair, made from her own locks, for the past 27 years!  There is much more to learn about this inspiring woman, watch her come to life through videos on Advanced Style!

Enjoy learning from these creative, youthful, and spirited souls!
~ Margo Isadora 

Ilona and I!