Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pretty Paper Dress!

Last weekend I was reminded of the endless possibilities of paper when Piper, Matilda and I designed a newspaper dress for Penelope, my mannequin. We folded, scrunched, and rolled up the WWD newspapers to create her fabulous dress. The collaboration was excellent; we giggled all the way through.
Paper is an incredible medium, we worked with its versatility to create the tightly wound rosettes, the soft tutu and graphic shoulder pieces. This is certainly a project not to MIS. It is my second time working with the WWDs to create a dress; but like with any material there are always new ways to work with it. Think outside of the box and share your creations with me!

-Margo Isadora

Newspaper Fun!

P Posing with P

What Beautiful Rosettes!

Admiring Her Tutu!

Penelope in her HOT New Paper Dress :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Magnificent Marimekko

Marimekko has always inspired me with their expressive timeless textiles. I have quite an affinity for their company and I think that their site perfectly encapsulates why I love this iconic brand.

Recently this innovative brand collaborated with Converse to create an awesome line of sneakers in the classic converse style and a vibrant Marimekko textile. I am dying for a pair myself :) See the video on their collaboration here.

Love how they each come in their own printed sack!

Also be sure to check out the link below of their flower filled Spring/Summer 2011 Runway show. It is certainly one not to MIS, Spring/Summer 2011 Marimekko Fashion Show!

H&M did a spring tribute collection for Marimekko in 2008, they made some great pieces!

I happen to own the cute pink and orange parachute dress (lower left)- I found it at a thrift store last year :)

My Beautiful Twirling Friend in the great Marimekko-H&M dress!