Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Spirit!

Every year I eagerly await the arrival of Easter. Its a holiday that welcomes spring and all of its glorious colors. Not only are the flowers beginning to bloom, but people are shedding their black wardrobes and starting to infuse color into their attire.
Each year we go to the Easter Parade on 5th Ave in NYC. The streets are filled with people milling about in their easter bonnets. Many New Yorkers go all out and make homemade bonnets. People of all ages wander through the streets and enjoy the whimsical creations. This year I didn't get to the parade, but I have been looking through my favorite pictures from years past, and wanted to share some of the past highlights. I'm already dreaming up a hat to make for next year! If your ever in NY on Easter make sure you stop by the parade, believe me, this is one not to MIS.
I hope everyone is having a very spirited day. Remember to keep your eyes open, because your don't want to MIS one bit of it!

Margo Isadora

Above image: Me and my Crew (+ Mom's chicken purse- Anastasia!)

Carrot Men!

In Drag!

In Full Plume!


A Gorgeous Arrangement


A Great Couple :)

In Full Bloom

A Bright Mother Daughter Team

Pussy Willows :)

Paper Blooms

Beautiful Butterflies

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tie Skirt- Recycle, Reuse, Recreate!

Many years ago my Aunt Jill gave me an awesome purse, made out of men's ties. I use it all the time and am often asked if I made it. It inspired me to start collecting old ties in hopes of creating a skirt with them. My tie collection has grown over the years, with donations from friends and family, as well as ones I've purchased. After acquiring enough ties I created a wrap tie skirt. I sewed the ties together, and because they are so heavy I didn't even have to line it! I used a button and tie for the closure. It was easy and fun to create, I look forward to making a purse or another skirt in the future :)
Start gathering something, anything, that interests you and give it a new life! Please share your ideas and creations with me.


Margo Isadora

The Back!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiring Artists

I am constantly inspired by the work of my Advanced Illustration class. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by people who push me to do my best work. I wanted to share some images I took of our class in action! The photos of individual work are from our 'Super Surface' acrylic rendering paintings.

Margo Isadora

A wall of my Advanced Illustration Class' Super Surface Acrylic Paintings!

My Super Surface Acrylic Painting- birds eye view of a water fountain
(Currently is in 'Juxtapositions' a K-12 art show at my High School, opening tomorrow night!)

Ugg, By Rachel Cipriano

Doorknob, By Breanden Carroll

Lollipop Lips, By Elvina Kocan

Jeans, By Jessica Leissl

Trash Bag, By Gracie Goodman

Boxer, By Donovan Zagal

Hard at work!

Mr. Keene and Karla discussing her gorgeous rose!

Whimsical Wall created by Mr. Murray's 9th grade Foundation Students!

Monday, April 4, 2011

DIY Bleach Tie Dye

I recently was cleaning out my closet and was ready to throw out a few old tees that I no longer wear. Fortunately I decided not to get rid of them and instead to give them a new life. I was inspired by a recent post on 'Honestly WTF', one of my favorite blogs, to Bleach Dye these pieces. I made a mixture of 4 cups bleach to 1 cup water and used rubber bands to tie up my shirts. After a little trial and error I realize that blacks tops work the best. It is key not to leave the shirts in the solution too long, or else they will turn into rust/bleached-black colored tops. Check out the easy tutorial on 'Honestly WTF' @

Revive your old faded dark tops with this great inexpensive DIY project. Share your creations with me!

- Margo Isadora

Old Black Hoodie Bleach Dyed to Perfection

The Bleach Dip

A good project to do outside!

Bleach Dyed Navy Tee