Monday, April 4, 2011

DIY Bleach Tie Dye

I recently was cleaning out my closet and was ready to throw out a few old tees that I no longer wear. Fortunately I decided not to get rid of them and instead to give them a new life. I was inspired by a recent post on 'Honestly WTF', one of my favorite blogs, to Bleach Dye these pieces. I made a mixture of 4 cups bleach to 1 cup water and used rubber bands to tie up my shirts. After a little trial and error I realize that blacks tops work the best. It is key not to leave the shirts in the solution too long, or else they will turn into rust/bleached-black colored tops. Check out the easy tutorial on 'Honestly WTF' @

Revive your old faded dark tops with this great inexpensive DIY project. Share your creations with me!

- Margo Isadora

Old Black Hoodie Bleach Dyed to Perfection

The Bleach Dip

A good project to do outside!

Bleach Dyed Navy Tee


  1. I was looking at this diy because I wanted to do this and never got around to it but I was wondering if you could give me some tips!!
    the folding... any good folding tips? bleach... do i put it in vinegar later? Should i wash it after all of it? anything would help! Your shirt looks awesome by the way!

  2. Hi Cassie!

    This is an awesome project, hope you enjoy it. As for my advice...
    ~I did not end up folding it with wood as the honestlywtf blog suggested. Instead I accordion folded it vertically (or horizontally) and then tied it with hair bands, then just dipped the edges in the solution.
    ~Air on the side of leaving it in the bleach/water solution for less time; some of my shirts got too bleached out.
    ~I did not use any vinegar. But after the bleach dip, I submerged it into water to stop the bleaching process. I then left them out to dry. Afterwards I did a small load of wash of only the bleached pieces.

    It was fun and easy, but certainly a trial and error project. Hope the tips help. Be sure to have a few shirts on hand! Enjoy and please share your finished work!

    Margo Isadora

  3. Don't use vinegar to stop the bleaching process. It combines with the bleach and can make your fabric deteriorate faster. If you have nothing else, rinse well, but in a pinch, use hydrogen peroxide. If you plan ahead, you can use sodium or potassium metabisulphite which is sold in wine-making supply stores and is not very expensive. You can learn about this here:


I love to hear your feeback! Thanks for sharing!