Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiring Artists

I am constantly inspired by the work of my Advanced Illustration class. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by people who push me to do my best work. I wanted to share some images I took of our class in action! The photos of individual work are from our 'Super Surface' acrylic rendering paintings.

Margo Isadora

A wall of my Advanced Illustration Class' Super Surface Acrylic Paintings!

My Super Surface Acrylic Painting- birds eye view of a water fountain
(Currently is in 'Juxtapositions' a K-12 art show at my High School, opening tomorrow night!)

Ugg, By Rachel Cipriano

Doorknob, By Breanden Carroll

Lollipop Lips, By Elvina Kocan

Jeans, By Jessica Leissl

Trash Bag, By Gracie Goodman

Boxer, By Donovan Zagal

Hard at work!

Mr. Keene and Karla discussing her gorgeous rose!

Whimsical Wall created by Mr. Murray's 9th grade Foundation Students!

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