Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Perception Through Expression: A Gallery Show

My semester at Parsons is over and I've begun work, but I can't seem to forget the end of the year festivities that took place.
My Perception Drawing class, taught by Kate Teale, put together our very own gallery show in her Long Island City gallery.  Each of my peers applied for a position to contribute to the show; from catalog designers, to event organizers, to PR people every detail was covered.  I curated the show with another student and and helped install the show.  Two of my classmates and I enjoyed the challenge of hanging the show; before hanging an opening myself I had never really appreciated the art of hanging a gallery show.  It was a wonderful experience and a great night!  

Two of my acrylic portraits made it in, Ilona and Marilyn, a in-class model.   Hope you enjoy a peek into our pop up gallery show "Perception Through Expression" below!

Margo Isadora

The Invite!

Kurt Hanging

Emily Organizing

Cool hallway to the gallery!

Ilona, see post about the process here!
(Acrylic on Canvas)

(Acrylic on Wood)

Window Vignette

A Creative Corner
Learn about the each piece and artist, in the catalog, HERE!

The opening has begun!

Portraits through Skin!
Destin by Samantha Figueredo
Hands by Kurt Stives

A favorite corner!
Cityscape, by Laura Maynard
Hands and Rest in Peace, Happy Birthday (fish), by Shine Fu
Feet, by Miranda Benjamin
Divia (Portrait), by Yingying Yang

Breaking out of the Box, by Juwon Bahn

Breaking out of the Box
Pastel on Cardboard
Self Portrait by Juwon Bahn

Breaking out of the Box
Pastel on Cardboard
Self Portrait by Juwon Bahn

In conversation...
In-class portraits.
Marilyn in Progress.
From sketch to finish!

Marilyn Up Close

Don't MIS the art around you! 

Visiting galleries, and seeing how others express themselves always provides me with a new perspective!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Inspiring Designers: Thi Wan & Parsons Alumni

As I finish foundation year at Parsons and begin my Fashion major it is quite inspiring to see the creations and success of graduating seniors and alumni.  Bloomingdales hosted the B the Next event to support the Parsons Scholars Program; which is a free college prep program that enables motivated NYC public high school students to attend Parsons pre-college programs. Many Parsons alumni, who have their work at Bloomingdales, and past educators came to support the event.  It was a pleasure to speak with Tim Gunn, Tracy Reese, and Mara Hoffman, individuals whom I've always admired. 

Tim Gunn Admiring Thi Wan's work!
The highlight of my evening was being introduced to the work of a former Parsons Scholar and a current graduate Thi Wan, class of 2013! His stunning white on white armor-like collection was made with neoprene and a 3D textile.  Thi explained that he created a silicone formula using all organic chemicals, used in cosmetics.  The formula is poured into ice-cube-like trays, which he designed to create zero waste textiles!  The different thicknesses and formulas will deteriorate over time, one garment he estimates at 60 years.  Thi created this collection with the intent of creating a 'second skin,' the patterns and shapes are inspired by his Burmese and Buddhist background. Checkout Thi's blog to learn more about his process.

I look forward to seeing more from Thi Wan and other Parsons Alum.  How exciting it is to see what the future could hold for me!

Enjoy a peek into the evening,
Margo Isadora

A Close Up of Thi's 'Second Skin'

David Van Zandt (President of the New School), Me, Shelby (a good friend) and Tim Gunn! 

A Part of Thi Wan's Thesis

Shelby and I enjoying the evening!

Parsons Alumni, an All-Star Group!

Mara Hoffman and I!

Thi Wan

Thi Wan's Awesome Silicone Textile

Thi Wan, Close Up

Incredible work Thi! I look forward to following your career!

Friday, May 24, 2013

International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Fab's booth, bringing happy colorful design to all!

What a treat it was to go the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javitz with my friend Tom. The show was filled with great design and beautiful hues.  Visiting the masses of booths at the ICFF and learning about artists licensing at the Surtex Show next door made for quite an inspiring and educational afternoon. 
I hope you enjoy this peek into my Javits day!

Margo Isadora

p.s. See Tom's take here.

Stunning Wallpaper at Double R Studio
Me, taking a load off on a cute green poof!

Siemon & Salazar Blown Glass Chandelier
See their site for more of their stunning glass work! 

Yarn Sculpture

The 'Stone Garden' was designed for a Stone Company.
Iza Pearl a vibrant company from Texas showed at Surtex. I loved the crepe paper tree that she DIYed for her eye catching booth!
Hot Lamp at Jimmie Martin

Jimmie Martin
My favorite booth of the show, filled with whimsical dachshund chairs, pillows and plates as well as beautiful lamps!

Tom capturing an image of Jimmie Martin,
the Brits behind this whimsical company! 

Tom having fun with the Pug at the Stationary Show!

Awesome Top Hat Lights, a future DIY?!

Until next time...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Record Dress!

The final assignment in my 3D 'Body as Form' class was to create an outfit using only recycled materials.  Having worked with Records on a smaller scale (bowls and pencil holders) I wanted to give them a try.  After trial and error in the workshop, with a heat gun, I ended up creating a strapless bodice out of 4 large records that snaps closed.   The elastic waist skirt made from ironed black trash bags, mimics the ruffle of the 45s on the trim.  The record look was received well and my peers also had some pretty unique solutions! See below for my process and a peek into our crit today. 

Continue to create,
Margo Isadora

My past experiments with records! Selling at the Hester St Fair!

Melting 45s in the shop.

Trying to envision it...

My first shot was unfortunately a no go.
Too much color for my teacher's taste!

A gradation of color compromise!
Before I knew it, it was time for the crit!
Asli with her cardboard, CD look!

A sexy superhero look made from energy drinks!

Close up!

Queen of Cards!

Record LBD :)