Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flower Swim Cap Clutch DIY

Flower Swim Cap Clutch
As the summery weather hit NY last week, I dreamed of all the colorful accessories and clothes that signal the arrival of spring.  While shopping in a local boutique I found vibrant clutches that were made out of flower swim caps.  I have always been attracted to flower swim caps, but never owned one, so this flower covered clutch was calling my name.  Unfortunately, the $198 price tag was way out of my budget, so I decided to make my own.  I bought a rainbow cap and a black and white floral swim cap online, and purchased zippers at my local sewing store.  In the end my clutch cost about $17, and was quite easy to make.  Follow the tutorial below to create your own. 

I look forward to using this clutch all summer long, it sure is a great conversation piece!  It's perfect to wear with a cute dress to a summer gathering, or to take to the beach to hold your suntan lotion and sunglasses. 

Please share your flower swim cap clutches with me!

Margo Isadora

Flower Swim Cap Clutches...
Expensive Vogue Inspiration
 Spotted in Lucky Magazine

Highlighted in Town and Country

Supplies: 1 Flower Swim Cap, 1 Chunky Zipper,
Scissors, Needle, Thread, and Pins

This was the zipper I used, but ended cutting a few inches off.
A 12" zipper would do the job!

Match up the slopes of the swim cap.

Unzip the zipper and pin ends at the 
center back of the swim cap.

Begin to pin the zipper around cap; 
it does not need to be prefect.

Pinning is complete!
Zip it up before you start sewing, 
to insure that you did not twist it while pinning.

Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end.

Sew your zipper to the rubber inside lining of the cap.
I recommend using a thimble, as the rubber can be difficult
to get through at times.

All zipped up!

If your zipper is too long, as mine was, simply cut it.
Leave a 1"-2" extra.

Tack the end of your zipper down, tie a knot, and you're done!

Your stitching does not have to be perfect.
If you like you can add a little glue between the
rubber and zipper to further secure it.


1 summery clutch coming right up!

Perfect for a sunny day!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Marble Nail Art DIY

Marbled Nails!
Nails have become the new canvas for many creative people.  After seeing Jenny's Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial, I knew that I had to try out these marbleized gems. 

Create your own Marbled Nails by following the picture tutorial below.  This a good one to try with a friend when you have a free afternoon, as it does take some time. (I found Jenny's Video Tutorial very useful to watch before starting.)  

Enjoy your one of a kind nails, and please share pictures with me!  

Can't wait to see your creations,
Margo Isadora

Gather supplies...
-Nail Polish (as many as you like)
(be sure to have a light base coat)
-Scotch Tape
-A small container of room temperature water

-Paint a clear base coat & two layers of a light base polish
-Then tape the skin around each of your nails
to avoid some of the mess later
(I used 2 pieces of tape per finger)
Once all your nails are coated and taped, you're ready to marbleize!

-Shake brush gently above the water
(DO NOT let the brush touch the water)
*Note: time is of the essence here...
the quicker you drip, the longer you will have to swirl and dip!

-A perfect DRIP and Spread

-Swirl quickly with a toothpick after you drip
(avoid letting the paint dry so much that it clings to the toothpick, as it did in this one)

- Dip every nail into a swirl!

(I was going for an abstract swirl, so I worked quickly and used one drip swirl bowl for an entire hand. 2 bowls total)

(If you want a more exact swirl, clean water with toothpick to remove all of the paint and repeat drip process for every nail)

Swirl Close Up

-Peel off Tape
- Put on a clear top coat
-Clean up any messy edges with a nail polish remover

A Swirled Hand

Psychedelic Marbled Nail Fun!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

NYFW 2012 ~ The DVF Show!

Fashion Designer Ben Rey, Strolling Through Lincoln Center
Fun article about him on

The February 2012 New York Mercedez Benz Fashion Week flew by this year.  I was lucky enough to attend the Diane Von Furstenberg show with a good friend. Of course the show was incredible, classic DVF clothing, impeccably made with a touch of whimsy!  Check out the wonderful collection on the DVF site.  
However, half the fun is the before and after - seeing wonderful New Yorkers, Fashionites and Celebrities dressed up for the festivities.  NYFW has to have some of the best people watching in New York, I could have stayed there all afternoon. Keep your eyes open, as you don't want to MIS any fabulous people that pass by! 

Just a glimpse at my whirlwind time at New York Fashion Week February 2012.


My Good Friend Tess and me!

Love her coat!

Full on Floral!

My Favorite Man of the Day!

Great from the back too!

Couldn't take my eyes off of her jumpsuit!

We made it to the promise land!

Awaiting the Big Show!

Perfect Styling, Model and Cut
Runway Shot Taken from

Gloved Whimsy
Runway Shot Taken from

Rich Hue
Runway Shot Taken from


The Legend Herself
Diane Von Furstenberg

Image from Online Source

And the magical evening ended with snow!