Saturday, March 17, 2012

Marble Nail Art DIY

Marbled Nails!
Nails have become the new canvas for many creative people.  After seeing Jenny's Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial, I knew that I had to try out these marbleized gems. 

Create your own Marbled Nails by following the picture tutorial below.  This a good one to try with a friend when you have a free afternoon, as it does take some time. (I found Jenny's Video Tutorial very useful to watch before starting.)  

Enjoy your one of a kind nails, and please share pictures with me!  

Can't wait to see your creations,
Margo Isadora

Gather supplies...
-Nail Polish (as many as you like)
(be sure to have a light base coat)
-Scotch Tape
-A small container of room temperature water

-Paint a clear base coat & two layers of a light base polish
-Then tape the skin around each of your nails
to avoid some of the mess later
(I used 2 pieces of tape per finger)
Once all your nails are coated and taped, you're ready to marbleize!

-Shake brush gently above the water
(DO NOT let the brush touch the water)
*Note: time is of the essence here...
the quicker you drip, the longer you will have to swirl and dip!

-A perfect DRIP and Spread

-Swirl quickly with a toothpick after you drip
(avoid letting the paint dry so much that it clings to the toothpick, as it did in this one)

- Dip every nail into a swirl!

(I was going for an abstract swirl, so I worked quickly and used one drip swirl bowl for an entire hand. 2 bowls total)

(If you want a more exact swirl, clean water with toothpick to remove all of the paint and repeat drip process for every nail)

Swirl Close Up

-Peel off Tape
- Put on a clear top coat
-Clean up any messy edges with a nail polish remover

A Swirled Hand

Psychedelic Marbled Nail Fun!


  1. my nail polish does not spread rather it either drop or bloat like blob.. please help...and tell me how nail polish will spread n water....

    1. Hi! I recommend leaving a bottle of water out overnight, the room temperature water really makes the difference! Good luck!


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