Sunday, June 26, 2011

McQueen Magic

The late Alexander McQueen's career spanned from 1992 till his death in 2010, and in that time he changed the way many individuals perceive fashion.  The current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, 'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty', celebrates one of the greatest designers, artists and visionaries of our time.  He challenged the current definition of beauty and design.  His avant garde silhouettes and iconic pieces are on display at the Met. The show's instillation is incredible - I think McQueen would be very pleased.  My visit left me in awe and truly inspired by his work and thought process.  McQueen was a creative spirit. He chose to express himself through fashion design and did it with such ease.  His contribution to the world of fashion is immeasurable and, simply put, incredible.  This is an exhibit not to MIS, it will be open till August 7th.  

Enjoy your visit, 
Margo Isadora

One of my all time favorites- simply exquisite.
An Inventive Process
Click link below to view the catwalk spray paint!
Floral Fashion- Gorgeous
Flowing Fabric Perfection
Dark Feather Goddess
Gold Leaf Feather Jacket
Beautiful Roof View @ the Met
Thrilled from the beautiful exhibit!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Origami Crane Tree

Cranes waiting for their big debut!
Recently my friend Piper approached me about helping her with a project.  Piper's idea was to surprise our high school with a temporary art instillation of a Crane Tree.  All of our friends and some dedicated classmates got busy folding; in the end we made 341 origami cranes!  We strung them on Saturday and hung the cranes on a tree near the entrance of our school on Sunday.  As students and teachers arrived on Monday they were surprised by the colorful fluttering folds floating in the tree.  These cranes were created to bring students and teachers good luck during finals week, and to bring a smile to the faces of those who pass by.  Piper's idea inspired us... What a peaceful way to end the school year.  Thank you to Caroline Aaron for capturing the beautiful images of the crane creation!  Looking forward to doing more public art installations next year!  Keep your eyes open and don't MIS the public art that surrounds us.

Margo Isadora

Ready to go!
The Art of Hanging
Creative Climbing Technique 

Peaceful Hanging

Mini Crane Necklace I made to Celebrate!
A Serene Tree!
Crane Girls
Our Excellent Photographer and Crane Hanger!
Good luck with whatever challenges your week may present!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY Fabric Covered Book!

My Finished Fabric Covered Notebook!
I am always inspired by the work of other bloggers; and  today I fell in love with Willow Rose's awesome fabric covered books.  I was impressed with her results and wanted to to try it myself!  So I took out an old journal, fabric, scissors, and glue and got to work.  It was a quick project and I was able to instantly personalize my journal.  The fabric cover is perfect for sketchbooks, journals, and books; and make excellent gifts for close friends!  
Check out my finished fabric covered notebook below, this is a great, simple DIY not to MIS.
There is a full tutorial on that I found easy to follow.
Be sure to visit Willow Rose's blog at

Margo Isadora