Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY Fabric Covered Book!

My Finished Fabric Covered Notebook!
I am always inspired by the work of other bloggers; and  today I fell in love with Willow Rose's awesome fabric covered books.  I was impressed with her results and wanted to to try it myself!  So I took out an old journal, fabric, scissors, and glue and got to work.  It was a quick project and I was able to instantly personalize my journal.  The fabric cover is perfect for sketchbooks, journals, and books; and make excellent gifts for close friends!  
Check out my finished fabric covered notebook below, this is a great, simple DIY not to MIS.
There is a full tutorial on that I found easy to follow.
Be sure to visit Willow Rose's blog at

Margo Isadora


  1. wow it looks perfect! SO glad you liked the post xx

  2. It came out wonderfully!!! Well Done!


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