Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Dress!

Every closet has a garment that has 'potential', but for some reason never gets worn.  The print or fabric can be beautiful, but if it does not make you feel good it simply won't and shouldn't come out of the closet.  I bought a beautiful silk maxi skirt at the Calypso outlet in Soho a few years ago for $10.  I purchased it knowing that the fabric alone was worth it, even if the style didn't quite suit me.  I haven't worn it since and decided it was time to transform the maxi skirt into a wearable summer dress!  I used the fabric to create a cute halter top.  The twisted neck, open back and flowy skirt come together to make a dress I love!
Dig into your closet and find a piece to redesign, recreate and give a new life!

Margo Isadora

$10 Calypso Maxi Skirt Before
After: Fun Summer Dress!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't MIS It Tumblr!

Don't MIS It is now on Tumblr!  I hope to share the images that inspire me daily on this new photo blog.  A picture says a thousand words~ so I am going to let them to the taking.  
Be sure to check it out @, and see some of my favorites below.  

Margo Isadora

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't MIS It has turned 1!

Don't MIS It is 1 year old and it's time to celebrate! Thank you so much to all my readers for following me and sharing your wonderful comments.   

In honor of this occasion here is a great DIY that can be used for any celebration.  I am always on the lookout for festive party decorations and am rarely able to find any unique ones that stay within my budget.  So when I came across this tutorial on MADE I was thrilled! RUFFLED STREAMERS are the perfect way to jazz up any celebration.  Follow the tutorial at, and sew up a few.  They are whimsical because they add a layer of texture to the classic streamer and pack a colorful punch!  They are also versatile and can be used for all occasions and events.  Even if you don't have festivities in your future, make some Ruffled Streamers and send them to a friend on their birthday; they will make anyone's day!

Margo Isadora

Set your machine to the longest stitch possible and strongest tension.
Photo Cred: Made

Do a quick forward then reverse stitch and sew down the middle.
(So that you sew both layers together)  

The streamers will magically ruffle up!
Photo Cred: Made

I lightly held my thread the entire time (to increase the tension)- was Perfect!
Photo Cred: Made

Finished and Neatly Wound!

Mother's Day!

Summer BBQ!

A Close-up of the beautiful ruffles!

ECU (Extreme Close Up)

60th B-day Spirit!

'My Paper Crane's' rainbow ruffles!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Soho Summer

There is nothing quite like sharing a warm day in Soho with a good friend.  Today I wandered the streets of Soho and tried not to MIS any of the inspiring moments along my path.  We visited a beautiful gallery called the 'Storefront for Art and Architecture' to see the 'Painting Urbanism:Learning from Rio' exhibit.  I have always admired Favela Painting, and love the way that they are able to transform a rundown area into a colorful oasis.  The exhibit was beyond my expectation!  The space of the Storefront was painted in their bright hues and perfectly fit with the welcoming spirit of their work.  I loved the indoor/outdoor colorful strip of gallery and hope to visit again soon!  The current exhibit with Favela's work is one not to MIS and will be up through July 30th, 2011.  If you are nearby be sure to pop in.  Below are some pictures of their wonderful gallery and of my lovely time in Soho!

Margo Isadora

The Storefront for Art and Architecture 

'Painting Urbanism: Learning from Rio' Exhibit

Rundown Slum

Turned Colorful Oasis!

A Spirited Costume Designer (she made her great pants!)

An Excellent Rice Pudding Place on Spring St

Unexpected Tar Drip Art on the Sidewalks of Soho

A Welcoming Gal

A Beautiful Woman
(Wearing a gorgeous outfit from her home in Senegal)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fringe Fun!

Mom Wearing Her Fashionable Fringe!
I believe that you can never go wrong with fringe.  It simply adds fun to any outfit and has never gone out of style.  This season fringe is everywhere; adorning everything from maxi skirts to bikinis.  I decided to add a little fringe to my summer wardrobe, by creating these fun fringe necklaces.  This is a easy DIY that everyone can do!  So dig into your tee shirt drawer and create your own fantastic fringe accessory. (See tutorial below.)  Please share your creations with me! 
Margo Isadora

-All you need is an old soft cotton t-shirt and a pair of scissors.  
-Cut the front of your tee away from the back. 
-Then snip one inch into your tee, a 1-2 inch thick piece, horizontally across the tee.  Then rip the rest of the strip and it will magically curl in to itself. Continue to tear your shirt into strands.  
-When you have finished choose the longest one for the base string (to hang around your neck), and then begin to fold the other strands in half and tie on (as shown below)!  
-Tie on as mush fringe as you like.  
-Then secure the necklace around your neck and trim the ends to create a V shape.  

1 Old Soft Cotton T-shirt and Scissors!
Snip and tear your t-shirt into long strands!
Finished Fringe!
See below for detailed instructions.

Tear!  Don't be afraid to rip it,
cotton tears easily along the grain.
And it does not have to be prefect.
Fold string in half
and lay on top of your base string.
Loop through behind your base string.
Pull tight!
Continue tying fringe on as desired. To finish tie it around your neck and trim the ends into a neat V, or any other shape that you like!
Fabulous Finished Fringe Necklaces!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th to All!

My Annual Flag Toes :)
Have a relaxing, fun, and spirited fourth of July!
Margo Isadora

Friday, July 1, 2011

Incredible Sneakers

Superb Sharpie Skills!
Who ever thought a sharpie could create such intricate, dynamic artwork! I highlighted Emma's Breathtaking Backpack earlier this year,and now again she has simply amazed me with her stunning work.  For her newest piece she customized white Van sneakers with her signature graphic sharpie artwork.  The whimsical shoes were a labor of love - the finished product is gallery ready.  The colors work in perfect harmony and the elaborate details illustrate the recipient perfectly.  I have seen other DIYed Vans, however they do not hold a candle to Emma's beautiful and unique creation. 

Find a piece that leaves you speechless - one that inspires you to create!  

- Margo Isadora

Vans DIYed with Personality!
Personalized Perfection!
The Lucky Recipient :)