Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fringe Fun!

Mom Wearing Her Fashionable Fringe!
I believe that you can never go wrong with fringe.  It simply adds fun to any outfit and has never gone out of style.  This season fringe is everywhere; adorning everything from maxi skirts to bikinis.  I decided to add a little fringe to my summer wardrobe, by creating these fun fringe necklaces.  This is a easy DIY that everyone can do!  So dig into your tee shirt drawer and create your own fantastic fringe accessory. (See tutorial below.)  Please share your creations with me! 
Margo Isadora

-All you need is an old soft cotton t-shirt and a pair of scissors.  
-Cut the front of your tee away from the back. 
-Then snip one inch into your tee, a 1-2 inch thick piece, horizontally across the tee.  Then rip the rest of the strip and it will magically curl in to itself. Continue to tear your shirt into strands.  
-When you have finished choose the longest one for the base string (to hang around your neck), and then begin to fold the other strands in half and tie on (as shown below)!  
-Tie on as mush fringe as you like.  
-Then secure the necklace around your neck and trim the ends to create a V shape.  

1 Old Soft Cotton T-shirt and Scissors!
Snip and tear your t-shirt into long strands!
Finished Fringe!
See below for detailed instructions.

Tear!  Don't be afraid to rip it,
cotton tears easily along the grain.
And it does not have to be prefect.
Fold string in half
and lay on top of your base string.
Loop through behind your base string.
Pull tight!
Continue tying fringe on as desired. To finish tie it around your neck and trim the ends into a neat V, or any other shape that you like!
Fabulous Finished Fringe Necklaces!

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