Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Dress!

Every closet has a garment that has 'potential', but for some reason never gets worn.  The print or fabric can be beautiful, but if it does not make you feel good it simply won't and shouldn't come out of the closet.  I bought a beautiful silk maxi skirt at the Calypso outlet in Soho a few years ago for $10.  I purchased it knowing that the fabric alone was worth it, even if the style didn't quite suit me.  I haven't worn it since and decided it was time to transform the maxi skirt into a wearable summer dress!  I used the fabric to create a cute halter top.  The twisted neck, open back and flowy skirt come together to make a dress I love!
Dig into your closet and find a piece to redesign, recreate and give a new life!

Margo Isadora

$10 Calypso Maxi Skirt Before
After: Fun Summer Dress!



  1. Wow, you did a REALLY good job on this!
    I don't think I could ever pull this project off so well haha very pretty!


  2. Thank you :) it was a fun one to create!

    Margo Isadora

  3. That's amazing margo!!! It looks so good, you did a fab job of it :D
    Matilda xx


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