Friday, July 15, 2011

Soho Summer

There is nothing quite like sharing a warm day in Soho with a good friend.  Today I wandered the streets of Soho and tried not to MIS any of the inspiring moments along my path.  We visited a beautiful gallery called the 'Storefront for Art and Architecture' to see the 'Painting Urbanism:Learning from Rio' exhibit.  I have always admired Favela Painting, and love the way that they are able to transform a rundown area into a colorful oasis.  The exhibit was beyond my expectation!  The space of the Storefront was painted in their bright hues and perfectly fit with the welcoming spirit of their work.  I loved the indoor/outdoor colorful strip of gallery and hope to visit again soon!  The current exhibit with Favela's work is one not to MIS and will be up through July 30th, 2011.  If you are nearby be sure to pop in.  Below are some pictures of their wonderful gallery and of my lovely time in Soho!

Margo Isadora

The Storefront for Art and Architecture 

'Painting Urbanism: Learning from Rio' Exhibit

Rundown Slum

Turned Colorful Oasis!

A Spirited Costume Designer (she made her great pants!)

An Excellent Rice Pudding Place on Spring St

Unexpected Tar Drip Art on the Sidewalks of Soho

A Welcoming Gal

A Beautiful Woman
(Wearing a gorgeous outfit from her home in Senegal)

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