Friday, July 1, 2011

Incredible Sneakers

Superb Sharpie Skills!
Who ever thought a sharpie could create such intricate, dynamic artwork! I highlighted Emma's Breathtaking Backpack earlier this year,and now again she has simply amazed me with her stunning work.  For her newest piece she customized white Van sneakers with her signature graphic sharpie artwork.  The whimsical shoes were a labor of love - the finished product is gallery ready.  The colors work in perfect harmony and the elaborate details illustrate the recipient perfectly.  I have seen other DIYed Vans, however they do not hold a candle to Emma's beautiful and unique creation. 

Find a piece that leaves you speechless - one that inspires you to create!  

- Margo Isadora

Vans DIYed with Personality!
Personalized Perfection!
The Lucky Recipient :)

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