Friday, January 7, 2011

A Breathtaking Backpack...

I am always searching for the perfect printed laptop cover, colorful phone case, and most importantly a fun but functional backpack. So when I was sitting in my English class, I was fixated on the beautiful backpack sitting beneath, a friend's desk. It was just stunning and upon taking a closer look I realized that it was all hand drawn! Emma took a large, white JanSport backpack and penciled in tons of intricate illustrations. Emma finished off her masterpiece with thin sharpies. I was blown away by her incredible artwork and was left inspired to labor over my own one day! Just wanted to share with you her gorgeous creation. This is certainly not one to MIS.

Margo Isadora

Brilliant Front

A Splendid Side

Dazzling Directions!

Fantastic Detail

- Great Gnome
-the S.Pellegrino bottle was incredibly realistic

Stylized Chaos!

Impressive Illustrations!

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