Thursday, May 26, 2011

Color in Action

Color has always moved me and inspired me, both in my art work and in my life.  These are some moments and images that encapsulate why I am so drawn to vibrant colors. When I look at these images it is clear that color has the power to transform even the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Margo Isadora
Sequins of Spirit

An Expressive Woman
Painted in Acrylic By Margo Isadora
A Fun Floral Machine- would keep me very inspired :)
A Dyed Fishtail
A Colorful Keyboard 
Drab and Dull...
Turned up a notch with bright Hue!
Beautiful Balls of Colour on the Streets of San Fran
(see video below)
Color Set Free in San Fran!

Layered Color Drip Sculpture/Paint

A Splash of Color

Descending Spools of Color!


  1. I LOVE it all!!!! :)

  2. That is the coolest sewing machine I have ever seen! I have the same one in white but now I'm just thinking of how amazing it would be if I could somehow wall paper it thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Your welcome! Yes, I wish I had a fabulous floral machine! Be sure to send me a pic if you do :)


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