Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Perception Through Expression: A Gallery Show

My semester at Parsons is over and I've begun work, but I can't seem to forget the end of the year festivities that took place.
My Perception Drawing class, taught by Kate Teale, put together our very own gallery show in her Long Island City gallery.  Each of my peers applied for a position to contribute to the show; from catalog designers, to event organizers, to PR people every detail was covered.  I curated the show with another student and and helped install the show.  Two of my classmates and I enjoyed the challenge of hanging the show; before hanging an opening myself I had never really appreciated the art of hanging a gallery show.  It was a wonderful experience and a great night!  

Two of my acrylic portraits made it in, Ilona and Marilyn, a in-class model.   Hope you enjoy a peek into our pop up gallery show "Perception Through Expression" below!

Margo Isadora

The Invite!

Kurt Hanging

Emily Organizing

Cool hallway to the gallery!

Ilona, see post about the process here!
(Acrylic on Canvas)

(Acrylic on Wood)

Window Vignette

A Creative Corner
Learn about the each piece and artist, in the catalog, HERE!

The opening has begun!

Portraits through Skin!
Destin by Samantha Figueredo
Hands by Kurt Stives

A favorite corner!
Cityscape, by Laura Maynard
Hands and Rest in Peace, Happy Birthday (fish), by Shine Fu
Feet, by Miranda Benjamin
Divia (Portrait), by Yingying Yang

Breaking out of the Box, by Juwon Bahn

Breaking out of the Box
Pastel on Cardboard
Self Portrait by Juwon Bahn

Breaking out of the Box
Pastel on Cardboard
Self Portrait by Juwon Bahn

In conversation...
In-class portraits.
Marilyn in Progress.
From sketch to finish!

Marilyn Up Close

Don't MIS the art around you! 

Visiting galleries, and seeing how others express themselves always provides me with a new perspective!

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