Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pretty Paper Dress!

Last weekend I was reminded of the endless possibilities of paper when Piper, Matilda and I designed a newspaper dress for Penelope, my mannequin. We folded, scrunched, and rolled up the WWD newspapers to create her fabulous dress. The collaboration was excellent; we giggled all the way through.
Paper is an incredible medium, we worked with its versatility to create the tightly wound rosettes, the soft tutu and graphic shoulder pieces. This is certainly a project not to MIS. It is my second time working with the WWDs to create a dress; but like with any material there are always new ways to work with it. Think outside of the box and share your creations with me!

-Margo Isadora

Newspaper Fun!

P Posing with P

What Beautiful Rosettes!

Admiring Her Tutu!

Penelope in her HOT New Paper Dress :)


I love to hear your feeback! Thanks for sharing!