Monday, August 2, 2010

The Endless Possibilities of Paper

My Newspaper Dress!
Paper is an incredible medium that holds limitless creative options. From a young age my grandma amazed me with what she could do with paper; she always has created intricate cut paper art and beautiful folded creations. When I was in third grade she decided that we needed to make a 1,000 origami cranes to send to my Aunt for her birthday. She patiently taught me how to fold the origami cranes and I was off and running. Of course she made most of the cranes, but I was obsessed and always came back with some for her to add to the collection. In the end she strung all 1,000 cranes together and created a gorgeous, colorful, art piece for my aunt to send her well wishes. The next year I was still hooked and often made cranes when I was at school, my peers thought it was cool, so I taught them. It became a bit of a craze and most people in my class had a crane if not a few.
A few months ago MAD (The Museum of Art and Design in NYC) featured an exhibit called 'Slash: Paper Under the Knife'... I had visited this wonderful exhibit weeks earlier with a friend and had left inspired. I immediately knew that I had to bring my grandmother to see it. Of course she was enthralled with the innovative paper creations, but we also were fortunate enough to have run into an added bonus to the exhibit. An older man was sitting on a bench in the exhibit entertaining some little children and their families. So of course we went over and to our amazement he was making beautiful little paper cut animals with a pair of scissors and the paper in his pocket. His work captivated everyone, young and old alike. It is an experience we will never forget!
Shortly after I visited MAD I decided that I needed to create the newspaper dress that I had been envisioning. As you all know, I am a huge Project Runway fan; and last season they had a newspaper challenge. The designers each created unique innovative outfits with newspaper. Above is the dress that I made out of WWDs (Women's Wear Daily Newspapers). These paper creations below caught my eye ... the intricacy, boldness and innovation truly inspired me. Don't be afraid to play with paper and make sure to share your creations with me!

Margo Isadora

Gorgeous Cut Paper Dress by Rob Ryan for English Vogue

Graphic 60's Eye Paper Shift Dress

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress for Cashmere Toilet Paper Ad Campaign

Bold Folded Paper Wedding Dresses

Intricate Paper Creations

30 Issues of the Financial Times that Make a Statement, by Gary Harvey


  1. This is an amazing Blog Margo! The writing is great and the images even better. Keep up the good work. It is incredible how much beauty and wonder exists in the world around us. Many people are too busy to notice. Others dont take the time to share it. You are doing both in a very stylish way. Bravo!

  2. Great! Fantastic, keep it up. You help us see the world in a new light!

    xox, GR S, GP D


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