Saturday, August 21, 2010

An Inspiring Couple: Isabel and Ruben Toledo

Ruben Toledo is a painter, illustrator, sculptor and surrealist, and Isabel Toledo is an amazing fashion designer. This creative couple has always wowed me by their collaborative and breathtaking design. Just a peek into their NYC loft and you know that they are an artistic team. My favorite elements of their quirky loft were the hula-hoops hanging from the ceiling, the beautiful painted headboard and partitions that he painted in their bedroom.
I love Ruben Toledo's illustrations, as each drawing exudes a great personality and spirit. Last summer I went to the Toledos' exhibit at the FIT museum in NYC. It was a fantastic exhibit, filled with incredible skill and passion. It was clear that they are a true team as Ruben Toledo makes all of the sketches for Mrs. Toledo's garments. Mrs. Toledo's incredible line of high-end clothing, which included Michelle Obama's outfit for the Inauguration, was highlighted at the exhibit along with Mr. Toledo's sketches of the looks!
Just a few weeks ago Target opened a store in Harlem and the Toledos designed a small line for them. I fell in love with the illustrated yellow towel and graphic tee. Isabel Toledo has also designed a fun line of shoes for Payless that have just gone online and will hit stores soon. The ‘High Ghillie’ shoe makes quite a statement, hope to find a pair in my size!
This creative couple inspires me with their wide range of projects an innovative design; I cannot wait to see what they do next!

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