Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Surroundings

Last week the rainy weather had me in a bit of a funk. The gorgeous blue skies and smiling sun were nowhere to be scene... just gray, gray and more gray. The bad weather had put me into an off mood; I had to get out of it in order to feel productive and creative in my last days of summer. I went into my room and everything seemed a little bit better, as there is nothing sad dull or dreary about it. I have mentioned the mood altering power of color in 'Color is Key'... so surround
yourself by uplifting hues, small touches can make a big difference!
In my room I have done easy and fun things to add interest. As you enter into my haven the door sets an exciting tone, covered in a fun wrapping paper. Simply cut your inspiring paper down to the size of the inlay on your door and tape it up. I've done the same to my closet door and the inside of my medicine cabinet, people are always happy to find the pop of color when they open up the cabinet looking for the toothpaste!
My walls are filled with my art work, each done in different mediums, but all with a similar spirit. Whether it is my 'Eyes, Noes and Mouth' collage, a painted Buddha, or the clay faces that I made; they all have a sense of purpose... each evokes a different emotion in those who view it; they also work harmoniously together.
If you are not an artist then find images that speak to you. After the year was up I pulled apart my calendar and put the images into inexpensive black frames. The women in the illustrations are decked out in gorgeous outfits posing and full of life. A great poster, record cover, calender or textile can create great wall art and keep you inspired.
Find inexpensive, interesting elements to enhance your space that will elevate you mood. Above my closet are hot pink rubber place mats; you never know where you will find a good addition to your space, so keep you eyes open so that you Don't MIS It!

Wrapping Papered Front Door

Wrapping Papered Medicine Cabinet

Eyes Noes and Mouth
collage by Margo Isadora

Self Portrait
collaged paper by Margo Isadora

Crazy Hair Day
collage by Margo Isadora


  1. it's so cool seeing all of these online after watching you make them over the years...i can't wait to see your posts with California pictures (hopefully!) i miss you....xoxo Caroline (aka Maurice)

  2. Thank you missy! Yes... some Cali pics soon to come. Please become a follower if you like! xoxoxo, M


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