Sunday, December 18, 2011

Magazine Christmas Trees!

DIY Christmas Trees
(Supplies: Old Magazines and A Pair of Hands!)
I love the festivities that December holidays bring. Hanukkah, Christmas, my birthday, New Years and all the fun in between makes it a month full of celebration.  This year we have put up our outdoor lights and decorated a gingerbread house, but we did not get a Christmas tree.  So, I decided to make a few of my own out of old magazines!
Gather some magazines or catalogues laying around your home. (You will need one magazine per tree, a few different sizes make a more interesting collection of trees.) To start pull off the front and back covers of the magazine and break the spine.  Then fold each page as follows (see images below).  I found Green Eyed Monster's video tutorial very helpful if you are having any trouble.  
I have made a small forest already, some of which I plan to uproot and give to the deserving few! 

I hope you are making wonderful things for the holidays.  Create something, whether you decorate a tree, a gingerbread house, make cookies, latkes, or fun DIY gifts. It is a holiday activity not to MIS!

Margo Isadora

Fold #1!

Fold #2!

Fold #3!  

Continue the 3 folds for each page
and you will have a beautiful tree!
A finished magazine tree!

Many people have gotten creative with their trees this year,
check out some fun ones on Apartment Therapy

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