Monday, December 12, 2011

P.S. I made this... at C. Wonder!

Cute Instagram from the event that Erica posted on her twitter
 P.S. I made this... is one of my favorite DIY books, and websites.  I was fortunate enough to meet Erica Domesek, the creator behind this wonderful DIY brand, at a DIY event she hosted at a C. Wonder store!  Her work is a source of constant inspiration for my DIY projects.  It truly made my night to chat and craft with her!  We made fun gift tags and colorful coasters from her C.Wonder DIY kits!    Check out 'A DIY Obession' from last year to see some of my favorite projects from her book and site.

Wanted to share some highlights from the event and some of my favorite P.S. I made this... projects!  
Hope you get to DIY this holiday season, 
Margo Isadora

The DIY Set-up!  Prepped for coaster and gift tag crafting!

A coaster I made :)
P.S. these are some of the other coasters I made!

A great bike display in the C. Wonder store!

C. Wonder's Awesome Blue Ottoman in the Dressing Rooms...

These wonderful hats were just for display...
but they provided some excellent DIY inspiration!
Erica Domesek was lovely!

Some of my favorite projects from

Love my fabric gemstone earrings , all pairs!  Great DIY!

I've been meaning to make some flower print cards!

Great fringe accessory for booties!

Simple, but super cute!


Erica and I

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