Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A DIY Obsession!

I picked up 'P.S. i made this' at the MOMA in San Fran at the end of the summer; it is an excellent book that I simply could not pass up. Upon opening the book I was instantly inspired to create some of the chic DIY accessories. I further researched Erica Domesek, the creative genius behind the book and found that she has a site too! http://psimadethis.com/ ... check it out, it is similar to her book, just with some different projects. I love how she translates her high-end trend boards to affordable DIY accessories/apparel. I chose to make some great 'magazine paper jewel earrings' and a whimsical 'bouncy ball and stocking necklace' on Sunday afternoon. I wore them to school and got great feedback! Be sure not to MIS this one... get inspired and make you own DIY masterpiece!


  1. Thank you! Check out 'PS I Made This' for more cool DIY projects, have fun creating!


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