Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Sugary Gingerbread House...

The front of our gingerbread house!
The holidays are a time for families to get together and share in festive traditions.  We always decorate a gingerbread house. I don't know what could be more fun than covering a house in vibrant sugary confections!  This is the whimsical gingerbread house that we created this year!  It doesn't matter what you celebrate find a festive tradition like this one and enjoy!
Hope don't MIS sharing your favorite rituals with family and friends!  

Happy Everthing, 
Margo Isadora

Supplies: A Gingerbread House, Candy and Frosting!

The Set-Up!

Working on the House...

Close up of my brother's sweet work!

My Snowman, created using
pfeffernusse cookies, M&Ms, and a nonpareil!

My brother's finished side

Mom's lovely back

My Heavily Decorated Side
A birds' eye view of the finished house!

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