Sunday, November 13, 2011

A DIY Halloween!

My Beehive! Haloween 2011

Halloween had me buzzing this year, carving my pumpkin and getting my costume ready at the last minute.  I decided to be a "Beehive" this year!  Martha Stewart's beehive tutorial helped me excecute it.  The hairstylist's video was easy to follow and wonderful to visualize the steps.  I split my hair into 7 sections, instead of 5, and braided the yarn in, instead of twisting it.  I created the bees with black, yellow, and white pipecleaners then let them buzz freely about my hive!   
My friends creative costumes have me already thinking of costumes for next year!  See some of my favorites below. 

Margo Isadora

Mochi the Witch

DIYed Sheep (she spent many hours sewing each cotton ball onto her top)

A Sparkling Christmas Tree!

Frida Kahlo, flower crown DIYed using HonestlyWTF's great tutorial


  1. Oof Margo Isadora, your beehive hair is SO CUTE and soooo cool, what a great idea! Great photos, looks like much fun was had by all! Katie. xxx

  2. Thank you :) Halloween sure is a wonderful time to create whimsical do's! xxx MIS

  3. Love the beehive.....such a cool idea....your are SO SO CREATIVE


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