Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crochet Inspiration

Bus Wrapped in Vintage Blankets
By: Magda Sayeg, Mexico City 2008
Photo: by Cesar Ortega of Knitta Please
 Crochet is an versitile medium, which injects a vibrant punch into anything from accessories to automobiles. Whether it's the beautiful crochet artwork of Olek or the classic granny square, I have always been inspired by its endless possibilities.  Lately I'm seeing more crochet used in design.

  My grandmother crocheted a sweet dream blanket for me, and lacy crocheted snowflakes during the winter, among other beautiful pieces.  She recently taught me the basic stitch and I ran with it.  I'm in the process of crocheting a whimsical beehive/bucket purse out of ripped tee shirt pieces (similar to the ones in the fringe necklace). (see image below.)

  I look forward to being able to design more complicated crochet creations in the future.  But right now I am quite inspired by the crochet work of others!  

Margo Isadora

Crocheted Tee Bag in Process!
Bottom of my Crocheted Tee Bag!

Simeli Bike Jewelry

Anna Sui Vest

Retro Maxi, Pattern Available on Etsy!

Wood & Wool Stool

Great Crocheted Mini!

Chevron, Plaid, and Striped Crocheted Bike!

House of Holland AW11
House of Holland AW11

Katie Probert's Beautiful 'Harvest Hoop-la Crochet Scarf'

Inviting Trailer

Crochet in Nature

Crochet... filling in the cracks in our daily lives!


  1. Margo Isadora, you are a gorgeous being, and so is this blog post. Thank you so much for mentioning me and my Hoop-la Scarf. I would love to live in the crochet caravan, and climb the crochet tree. Can't wait to see your finished crochet tee bag. Great job! Katie. xxx

  2. Thank you Katie! You are an inspiration yourself. xxx, MIS


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