Friday, July 6, 2012

Fringe Tee Shirt Bags

DIY Queens with their Fun Fringe Bags!

There is nothing more fun than getting together with friends and DIYing summer accessories!  Recently some of my young friends came over for a DIY class and we had a ball.  Each girl made a great fringe beach bag out of an old tee shirt and created cool accessories to match!  The girls were all clearly DIYers at heart, so it was a treat to be able to work with them.  Check out our fun projects and the fringe bag tutorial below. This is an easy summer project not to MIS!


Margo Isadora

Tie Dyed Fringe Bag!

Finished Fringe!

Hard at work on a second bag!

Already a DIY expert, check out that shirt!


On to accessories, ripping away!

Tee Shirt Fringe Necklace and Pom Pom Hair Tie!

Tee Shirt Pom Pom Hair Tie!

Every DIY girl needs a Tootsie Pop break!
Now Do It Yourself!

Supplies: T-Shirt and Scissors

1. Cut off sleeves.

2. Cut off neck of shirt, following
the line of the front.  

3. Cut off Bottom of Shirt

4. Cut 1" fringe strips, about 5 inches up.


5. Pull each fringe piece so it creates a clean coil.
Fringe Perfection

6. Double knot each piece of fringe
to the one directly behind it.
This creates the bottom of your bag!

One knot down, a whole bunch to go!

Finished Fringe Bag!

Play with your leftovers...

I created a fringe necklace, similar to these!
Have fun with it
Enjoy your summer fringe satchels and other accessories!

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  1. Great idea! My daughter had a blast making her own fringe bag, hair pom pom and fringe necklace. She would definitely do it again! Thank you Margo!


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