Monday, July 16, 2012

Stencils and Spray Paint!

Medallion Stencil
Stencils and spray paint create vibrant and stunning wall art, wrapping paper, cards, and can add a great decorative element wherever one is needed.  I created this stencil by tracing the plastic top of a thrifted side table and cutting out the pieces.  I then replicated this incredible medallion onto newspaper and butcher paper ~ creating endless possibilities...  Find a stencil you love, make your own, or use cool household items like doilies, lace, or interesting radiator screens, and get spraying!  Use a multitude of color to enhance your design, don't be afraid to experiment.  Some of my best results came after I stamped my sprayed stencil multiple times on newspaper; as the colors began to blend interesting effects were created. 

I chose to stencil on paper, which I used for cards, wrapping paper, and wall art, but feel free to think outside the box.  Stencil the top of a table, like Elsie did on A Beautiful Mess, or paint it directly onto your wall for some easy DIY wall art.  Please share your favorite stencil inspired projects with me! 

Margo Isadora
Thrifted Plastic Table Top
(I traced it to create the stencil.)

Supplies: Stencil, Paper/Newspaper, Spray Paint

Lay your stencil flat, and spray away!
(Be sure to keep your spray paint a foot or more
away from your paper to avoid puddling)

Move your stencil and layer on other colors! 

When your stencil gets nice and wet from previous sprayings,
flip it over to create an awesome stamp!

Tie Dyed Stamping
You never know what you're gonna get!

A line of stenciled medallions!

*** Leave your spray painted papers outside for as
long as possible, they smelled fumey for a day or two.

Stenciling can also be done using paint and doilies!

Spray heart doilies on cut newspaper letters
for a great Valentines Day card!

Wrap up presents in your DIY paper for a special gift!

The possibilities are endless!

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