Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Snail Braids

A Self Portrait
(One of my snail braid looks drawn in colored pencil!)
I am always looking for ways to stay cool in the summer, and a great summer braid is always on the top of my list.  These snail braids, or "exotic hairstyles" as my twin brother calls them, are a stylish way to stay cool and are quite simple to do.  

Start by french braiding your hair from the top of your head. Instead of braiding to the base of your head, braid around your head, forcing the braid to go in a different direction.  Check out this video on Free People's blog for further snail braiding instruction.  Zig zag your french braid and finish it off like a regular braid with an elastic at the end.  Leave as is, letting the braid rest on your shoulder, or twist it up and pin it, with bobby pins, into a low bun.  

I wanted to share some of my 'exotic' hairstyles and other looks I love for a bit of inspiration.  Please let me know about your favorite summer styles as well!

Margo Isadora

An exotic hairstyle worn on a hot
day on the Highline in NYC!

Highline look from the side!

Highline top view.

Miscellaneous braided day!

And from the top!

Some of my other favorite styles...

The braids are woven with yarn and piled
like a beehive for a Halloween 'do!
Cute Banded Pony!
by Camille Styles

Fabulous Fishtail!
by A Beautiful Mess
Four Summer Buns!
by A Beautiful Mess

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