Sunday, February 24, 2013

Olek The End Is Far

A dream room... A masterpiece of Olek!
The opening of The End is Far, Crochet Artist Olek's latest exhibition is one that I will forever remember.  I saw Agata Olek's last show in 2011, see post here, and while that show inspired me this one completely blew me away.  The numerous multi layered crochet panels, covered objects, were stunning, but the live swinging mermaids took Olek's opening to another level!  

The End is Far symbolized so much growth and achievement for Olek following a very eventful year, where she was placed on house arrest  after a dispute with an aggressive guy in a London bar.  Between court appearances she was able to create, exhibit, and learn internationally, making 2012 her most prolific year as an artist to date, despite her trying creative and financial circumstances. With that said, this show felt like a complete celebration of her freedom, and reminded us all how precious and incredible that is.  

Don't MIS The End is Far at the Jonathan LeVine GalleryFebruary 23- March 23, 2013.  Learn more about the exhibit and artist here.  

Margo Isadora

Guarding the door before the opening!

Swinging mermaid at the entrance of the gallery!

Crochet Buddhist Skeleton, my favorite piece!

Oh the mermaids!!!

My favorite saying. 

Swinging away...

Panoramic of the incredible room, live mermaids included!

Me, thrilled after seeing the show!

Our elevator person upon exiting!

Olek herself!
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