Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Karen Walker Fall 2013 Runway and Sunglass Cover Girl!

Ilona Royce Smithkin in Karen Walker Forever Campaign
Shot by Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style
Earlier this week I had the pleasure of accompanying 92 year old cover girl, Ilona Royce Smithkin, to Karen Walker's Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week show at Pier 59! Karen Walker's collection 'New Rose' was accessorized by her stunning collection of eye wear. The Karen Walker eye wear campaign, Karen Walker Forever, was shot by Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style.  He photographed four of his favorite subjects for the campaign, Ilona Royce Smithkin and Linda Rodin sat front and center at Monday's runway show!  

Ilona completely surprised!

Once you arrived at the runway you quickly realized that Ilona was the star of the show, as she was on the cover of every large look book that was placed on each seat.  

Karen Walker Showing Ilona the look book for the first time!
 It was a treat to meet the talented and stunning designer, Karen Walker, from New Zealand!
Ilona and Karen Walker
See more of the fabulous Karen Walker Forever Campaign here!
Her eye wear is absolutely fantastic.

The bell of the ball, Ilona, being interviewed!

Runway about to begin!

See more of the gorgeous collection here

Ilona's Interview with Isacc Hindin-Miller from New Zealand
* Notice the Fabulous Karen Walker Sunglasses, Hat, and Feathered Glove! They were all part of costume changes that I helped her with.  Love you Ilona!

It was a wonderful whirlwind, that never would have happened if I didn't go to that first Strand book signing.  Continue to go places and meet people, as you never know what incredible people you will find!


Margo Isadora 


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