Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School ~ Pom Pom DIY

Heading back to school after a fun summer can be a challenge. I knew in order to survive my post summer blues I would need a hot backpack for school.  I decided to transform my grey backpack into a bag that I would look forward to using each day! As you know, I believe that one can add pizazz to any outfit/accessory with the addition of fringe or pom poms.  M&J Trimmings has an incredible selection of trim, and the perfect pink poms for my bag.  I hand stitched the trim to the flaps of my bag.  To speed up the process you can use a sewing machine if you like.  Check out the DIY tutorial below!

Margo Isadora

Supplies~ Backpack, Trim, Needle and Thread!

Pin your trim!

Pin your trim all around the areas you want to adorn.
(cut to size and repeat as necessary)

Whip stitch all around your pinned trim!
The thimble helped as the leather was tough to hand sew.

Pom Pomed and Ready for Action!

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