Sunday, August 28, 2011

City Gems

Accessorized Skunk and Pink Gorilla Preforming in the Subway!
I have enjoyed the last month of summer working in NYC. Everywhere you look there is vibrant public art, interesting people, and colorful displays; I made sure not to MIS any of it. Here are some moments that made me smile and that I don't want you to MIS.  Keep your eyes peeled and stay inspired by what surrounds you!

Margo Isadora  

Printed Desigual Midtown Store

Vibrant Bike

Shindo Ribbon People... great ribbon vendor

Inside Shindo

The Chef's Figurines @ Cafe Gitane, Soho NYC!

Cafe Gitane's Yellow Vintage Cash Register

Cafe Gitane's Post Card and Notepad!
Skunk and Pink Gorilla Rockin'

Sliver of Blue!

60's Striped Van!
Great Graphic Soho Escape
A Soothing Stream Atop the High Line

The Lush High Line
I SPY a Crochet Covered Trike!


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