Monday, April 29, 2013

Tennessee Williams' Cat on A Hot Tin Roof

Poster Design by Jana Kotysan

Essex Street Academy's production of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was certainly a labor of love for both the actors at ESA (a public high school on the Lower East Side) and for a class of Parsons designers. 

I worked with about 10 others on the sets and props for the play. We started by learning to build set models at Professor John Jerard's Brooklyn studio.  Soon enough we were in the studio for our 6 hour class periods and Sundays building the sets! Mary, at Jerard Studios, taught us a variety of paint magic to transform our primarily cardboard sets into pieces of 'wooden' furniture, 'draped' curtains, and so forth.  We were very lucky to have the expertise of Jerard's Broadway set studio.  Finishing touches took place at Essex Street Academy on the Lower East Side, before the play goes on this week!

Workspace in the studio!
Learn more about our project and WATCH a great video on our Kickstarter page here! All donations are greatly appreciated and go towards helping the young and incredible theatre department at ESA!  

Come see ESA's Production of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Wednesday, May 1st at 6:15pm at The Little Theatre (5 W 63rd St) or Thursday, May 2nd-Friday, May 3rd at 6:15pm at Essex Street Academy (350 Grand St).  It is sure to be a wonderful performance from these passionate, talented actors, and it should be fun to see our work up on the stage!

Margo Isadora

Ferry out to Jerard's Brooklyn Studio!

The set model that I worked on.

Cardboard creations... After much drawing, measuring, cutting, and gluing they are ready for paint!  

Cardboard French Doors
Charcoal Sketches

Window support in progress...

'Icing' our cake!

Finishing touches on the door supports

Most of the team! We finished in the studio :)

Bye Red Hook, Brooklyn! 

Painted and Moved to ESA!

ESA Finishing Touches!

The bed!

Get a taste of our project here on the Kickstarter page!
Makeup and Hair on Opening Night!

The incredible Director, Jackson!

The Talented Actors!

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