Friday, April 19, 2013

Sanford Wurmfeld: Color Visions 1966-2013

I was sent to visit Sanford Wurmfeld: Color Visions 1966-2013 at Hunter College by my 'Color, Pattern, and Symmetry' teacher, Paul Corio, a former student of Wurmfeld's.  I expected an artist's retrospective of his color focused work, but was not at all prepared for Sanford Wurmfeld's INCREDIBLE span of color work.  His expansive wall canvases, irregularly shaped paintings, and sculptures teach one more about color that could ever really be learned in a class room. He brought to life for me all of the color theory that I've been learning.  Throughout his almost 50 year career he has explored color and its affects on our moods and visual perception to a positively scientific level.  The precision and effectiveness of visual perception that he has created took my breath away.

(Close up of above painting!)
This is a show not to MIS! If you are in New York visit the Hunter College Times Sq. Gallery (450 W 41st St, btw Dyer & 10th Ave) from 1-6pm TOMORROW (Sunday April 20th. It is the last day!

For those of you who do not have the opportunity to visit, these images can provide you with a taste of it, but certainly do not do his work justice.  Learn more about Sanford Wurmfeld and his work on his site!

Appreciate the power of COLOR,
Margo Isadora

Color Magic!
These seemingly black and white canvases are MUCH more than meets the eye. His addition of blues in very small doses to the grid made the bottoms of the black canvases glow blue, the white become multicolored after staring at them for a moment!

Every canvas was meticulously painted with stripes and squares of color to create these magic perceptual effects!

Dreamy Fades

Primary Color Plexi Sculptures created a maze of color theory!

A Continuum of Color

Color adds to the illusion of the canvas irregularity!

Color genius in sculpture!

Up close and personal with the rainbow expanse above!

Shelby recording the delicate details
of the seemingly 'lit' canvas!

The 'frame' seemingly disappears from a distance. Color Magic!

Get a look inside his '360 Degree Viewer' here!

Closing perfection...

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