Sunday, May 20, 2012

Parsons DIY Apparel

DIY Parsons Canvas Bag

DIY Parsons Shirt
As college apparel day neared at my high school, I knew that I had to find a quick DIY fix, as I didn't own any Parsons clothing.  Ironically, though a design school, Parsons has quite unfortunate looking apparel.  So I decided to make my own.  I used freezer paper as an iron on stencil to create a clean design for both a canvas bag and tee.  Check out the easy tutorial below, to learn how to adorn your apparel with words and designs!

Margo Isadora

p.s. If you have any further questions about freezer paper stenciling checkout made's great tutorial

Stencil Supplies:  Logo/Words, Freezer Paper, Exacto Knife

1) Cut out design with your exacto blade.

2) Trace the stencil you just created onto
the non-shiny side of the freezer paper

3) Cut out design on freezer paper.
(* You can avoid this double cutting and just print your design on freezer paper in the first place, but I wanted to have a stencil for future use.)

5) Iron your design on to your fabric, shiny side down. Press it well to insure there are no free edges.
(*I ironed the cutouts onto canvas, to get extra use out of my freezer paper!)

5) Same as previous. Iron on your stencil!
6) Best to use fabric paint, but I didn't have any on hand so a friend recommended that I mix 3/4 acrylic paint with 1/4 glue. This created a thicker, more durable/plasticy paint for the apparel. 

* The tee was accidentally thrown in for its first wash with a load of whites.  It went through the washer and dryer, no bleeding or chipping occured.  Came out as good as new!

7) Paint over your stencils.

8) Before you paint on thinner (tee-shirt-like) material be sure to put a cardboard sheet in the middle of the shirt, to avoid bleeding.   

9) Paint away!
10) Let paint dry for a few hours until it is completely dry,I used a blow dryer to speed up the process!

11) Once paint is dry, peel away the freezer paper stencil.

11) Peel some more!

Almost finished!

12) Lay a piece of fabric over your design and lightly iron, to seal in your design.  

12) Iron

13) Sew up your bag if need be!

Parsons Bag!  I added a woven belt that I had for the strap.

Finished tee!
Oh, the wonders of freezer paper!

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