Sunday, May 13, 2012

Holga Paint DIY

My wardrobe is full of vibrant hues and I thought my Holga camera deserved a pop of color as well!  Get out your old camera and dream up a design to suit it.  My good friend, Piper, and I got out our acrylic paint and then taped sections off with masking tape to create straight lines, but when we pulled the tape off we were left with a messy edge.  So I suggest free handing it! My geometric rainbow print and Piper's pastel stripes gave our old cameras a new life.  This is a fun and easy DIY, one not to MIS.  Get your Holga ready for fun summer shots :)

Margo Isadora

My Holga!

Supplies: Holga Camera, Acrylic Paint, and Paint Brushes

DO NOT tape off your designs, unless you have a very powerful tape.

Paint to your heart's content...

Until you have a finished camera!

Piper's Pastel Stripes!

My Geometric Holga!


Ready for a shoot!


  1. hi! i wanted to customize my holga, so i have a question: does the acrylic paint stay on the plastic surface if you use the camera a lot or does it splitter off? did you use some clear paint over it or did you leave it just as it is? thanks a lot! (:

    1. Hi, I did brush on an acrylic fixative/laquer, but any type of clear paint like substance should seal your design in well, I haven't had any chipping issues! Good luck, share your design with me when you're done!


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