Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY Flower Easter Bonnet

My DIY Flower Easter Bonnet!
The homemade bonnets that parade down 5th Avenue each year on Easter Sunday always brighten my day.  I have worn vintage bonnets every year, but this is the first Easter that I made my own.  This is a quick tutorial for the fun flower bonnet that I will don at the parade today!  

Celebrate the color, the bunnies, the bonnets, and the springtime fun that Easter brings!

Margo Isadora 

1. Buy Inexpensive Flowers

2.Pull the flowers off the stem and separate the petals from the green base and center.

3. Begin to reassemble your petals.  Combining different colors and types on one center.  Use the original green flower backing to secure it. 

4. Find an old hat, to become the base of your bonnet.

5. Detach any decorations from your hat.

6. Heat up your glue gun, and have your pile of flowers and hat  ready!

7. Place flowers around hat to insure that you have enough before you start gluing.  

8.Cut off tip of green stem backing.

9. Glue back of flower and begin to build your bonnet!
10.  Add on a couple butterflies and you have one festive flower bonnet!

Side View

11. Pair it with a yellow dress, flower tights, and fuchsia shoes and you are good to go!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks. It was so inspiring to my next
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