Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Folk Couture

threeASFOUR's Laser-Cut Flower-Print Patent Leather Dress
Inspired by the Friendship Star Quilt (1844)
(Cotton and Linen with Ink) 

Folk Couture: two words I wouldn't typically put into the same sentence... However, the American Folk Art Museum's current exhibit has done just that, and created an incredible exhibition.  The museum challenged 13 designers to create garments inspired by pieces of American Folk Art from the permanent collection.  I enjoy folk art and study fashion design, so the combination of the two blew me away.  The designers have taken the essence of these age old works of art and breathed new life into them with these avant guarde garments.  As a designer myself, I am looking at art as inspiration in a new light.  Folk Couture runs through April 23, 2014 and is an exhibit not to MIS!  

Margo Isadora

Folk Couture
at the American Museum of Folk Art through April 23, 2014

John Bartlett's Whimsical
Elongated Shirt/Pant Two Dimensional Wall Hanging(Machine-Quilted Digitally Printed cotton sateen and cotton canvas with Poly-Fil and metal buttons)
Inspired by Man with Green Shirt and White Suspenders
(Unidentified Artist, late 19th Century, paint on wood with metal, glass, and tape)

Gary Graham
Wool and Cotton Jacket
(Engineered Wool and Cotton Jacket, Digitally Printed Cotton Twill Leggings)
Inspired by Ann Carll's Blazing Star and Snowballs Coverlet (1810)
(Indigo-dyed wool and natural cotton, 93"x79")

Gary Graham's Jacket is tied for my favorite with threeASFOUR's piece.
I tried to take close ups, but you need to see this piece in person to fully appreciate it's engineered genius.  

Look at that Jacquard...
and that Seaming!!!

Koos van den Akker
Gown(Embellished Cotton Collage with Sequin Finish)
Inspired by various paintings and tapestries

Jean Yu
The Animal Human Dress (Straw on Chiffon)
Inspired by David Alvarez's Porcupine (New Mexico, 1981)
(Paint on Cottonwood with Straw, Marbles, and Plastic)

Grandma is looking forward to the next exhibition already!

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