Friday, July 12, 2013

A Transformation: Vest to Backpack!

I was challenged to create a garment that transforms into a carrying case of some kind, in my 3D, Body as Form, class. I first made the muslin vest pattern then started the daunting transformation by returning to something I knew well, origami.  I figured some thoughtful folding and zippers could create the interesting streamlined bag I was envisioning!  

Can you incorporate the element of surprise (transformation) into your next project?! See how I did it below.

Margo Isadora

p.s. click on photos to enlarge

Muslin pattern with basted on zippers after my origami play worked out!

Basted muslin backpack

The 'Origami' Instructions are easy enough!

Views of my drapey vest!

(As one can see in the directions the grey strip at the bottom of the vest was a design element that also helped clarify the first folding directions. Transformative design needs to function!)

All zipped up... no vest to be seen!

A delicious drape

She can't wait till the weather's cool so she can be worn again!


  1. You are an inspiration Margo! Wonderful seeing all that you do! Keep up the great work!

  2. Amazing work Margo! Way to go!


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