Sunday, November 4, 2012

Benetton Pop Up Shop ~ A World of Color

The Art of Knit, the United Colors of Benetton Pop-Up-Shop in Soho, is a shopping experience like no other.  An old garage has been transformed into a space full of knit, color, and creativity. Walking into the store is an overwhelming and quite pleasing experience.  The iconic knitwear is displayed around karma sutra inspired figures which are wrapped in vibrant yarn, and displayed both throughout the store and up on the roof! The color coded vignettes are filled with awesome DIY treasures, yarn wrapped art, and interesting illustrations.  Be sure to visit this Benetton Pop-Up-Shop at 135 Crosby Street, in Soho through December 2012.  Learn more about the shop here.

After a long dark week in NYC, post Hurricane Sandy, I find that as life begins to return to normal it is important to find places of positivity and light in the city.  Creative spaces like these not only uplift us, but inspire us to spread this energy of hope and happiness to others, who are still in need.  Pass on the positive spirit that Benetton has encapsulated so well in their Soho shop.

Be well,

The Vibrant Store!

Ropes of Red

The Art of Knit : Karma Sutra

Grey Goodness

Flying Folks

Beautiful Blue

Yarn Table Awesomeness

Graphic Yarn Sculpture

An Inspiring Space!

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  1. its nice something different thats what Benetton known for.