Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love is in the Air!

Every year as Valentines Day approaches I get the urge to make cards and fun gifts for my valentines. This year I decided to give my old, broken, neglected crayons a new life. I peeled their wrappers off, melted them in the microwave in ceramic ramekins and poured the melted crayons into plastic heart and penguin shaped ice cube trays. After 30 mins in the freezer they were transformed into cool new crayons. Can't wait to share these with friends and family this Valentines Day :) Have a lovely one!

Margo Isadora

Old Crayons

Lovely Crayon Hearts!

Crayon Penguins and Hearts

I recently made some cool fabric valentines. Use up your favorite printed fabric scraps by sewing them onto cards. Have fun making valentines- share your favorite creations with me!

Fabric Cards

Winding Messages

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