Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fashion and Food

Food and Fashion have always played an important role in my life. I am very passionate about Fashion and always marvel at the innovations of designers. My twin brother is an excellent chef and has always created the most delicious dishes for me, and others, to enjoy. I loved the collaboration of food and fashion in 'Hunger Pains' a series of images by Ted Sabarese. He photographed models in foods that they craved the most. 16 models and designers worked to create this incredible, edible fashion, with ingredients like waffles, pasta and meat. I was impressed with the outfits and enjoyed watching this behind the scenes video of their project. If I were to make an edible outfit I think that it would have to be made out of licorice! This is a fun one that you don't want to MIS!
Margo Isadora

Gorgeous Artichoke Gown

Stylish Meat

Waffle, Banana, Carrot Look

Bread Goddess

Pasta Menswear

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